The Volunteered Geographic Information (VGI) Lab is in the Community and Regional Planning Program in College of Architecture at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The lab was initiated from two research projects funded by Nebraska Environmental Trust in 2011 and Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality in 2012. The lab is further developed from the EPA-funded research projects in order to create mobile applications for citizen science in green infrastructure initiatives and wetland conservation efforts.

The VGI Lab addresses two critical research directions:

(1) improving the theories and methodologies of VGI and citizen science in environmental monitoring, hazard mitigation, and community engagement;
(2) developing GPS-synchronous mobile applications that can transfer the federal/state/local/professional databases to citizens and also allow citizens in monitoring, reporting, and data verifications.

We are developing the mobile applications for cross-platform mobile devices. The aim of our mobile apps is to essentially connect professional databases with citizen science. The key features of our mobile applications include:

i. Mobile-accessible;
ii. GPS-synchronous;
iii. Real-time reporting;
iv. Geospatially-visualized;
v. Linkage with social media/network;
vi. Data-downloadable for further analysis.